What we offer

Cool Passive Money provides a suitable platform that enables you dominate Your Niche using the power of Social Media, video marketing and Exceptional Skillset in order to build an Audience that will love your brand. Our unique Courses will show you exactly how to dominate your niche and use attraction marketing strategies to constantly attract customers to your offers, while building big market brands.

Starting with the Module 1 Course, you will start seeing immediate results that will explode your engagements, followers, friend requests, and hungry prospects in a way that you will look like a big authority in your niche.

You will also learn the basic online business training skills, Jewelry Making, organic preparations, Sales Skills, Human Resources, Viral Marketing, Various international food recipes preparations for hospitality concerns, Affiliate and Niche Marketing trainings, Baking Mastery, Video Marketing and Webinar trainings, Grape Wine Production, Social media marketing, Making Medicinal Products From Herbs and Medicine Plants, SEO, Entrepreneurial Skillset, Financial Intelligence, Solar Energy Skillset, Digital Currencies, Global Crypto Trading and Investments, International Trades and Money Markets. With those skills, you will draw so much interest as well as developing a comfort level and relationship with your prospects that they will be eager to collaborate with you or buy your services/products.